“The Illiterate of 21st Century will not be those who cannot read & write but those who cannot learn, unlearn & Relearn” ????? ???????

Matt and Robin are neighbours for the last twenty years.
While Matt went to one of the best universities, Robin couldn’t get admission
Although Robin couldn’t get formally educated, but his quest to know without preconceived notions ,made him do more & more.
Every day he would spend an hours learning and unlearning.
Ten years later…
Matt was employed as the senior developer in Robin’s company.
Strange, right?

    Even if it appears to be, the world today is run by people

  • Who have the urge to know more.
  • Who are curious to know why things happen the way they happen.
  • Who can question the existence of a belief.
  • Who can go past the traditional way of learning.

Because today, soft skills matter more!
Perhaps it is time to ask yourself?

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