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Mr. Pankaj Bajaj’s years of experience in Entrepreneurship has taught him one thing that matters – living up to the challenges that come and revolutionizing the Industry segments in unthinkable ways..

Trade Philosophy: When market scenario becomes unfriendly ,corporates escape from the business landscape creating opportunities for niche focused playersHe is Group CEO, Bajaj Industries,& Global Strategist having expertise in the areas of International marketing, Product Development & Business transformations.
He has business dealings globally & led delegations to diverse countries like C.I.S Nations, Latin America,& Central Africa.

For further details, visit the company website: www.bajajindia.net

He strives to be a Thought Leader and a futurist in the areas of cross culture and macro economics Emanating from his extensive travels & readings whilst keeping an ever-so-keen eye on International business and Emerging World Order.

Leading from his Passion in above areas he has taken the initiative to form a community like never before
— THE TRIBE—connecting the DOTS.

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Global Strategist, P&L Leader

PANKAJ BAJAJ is a Global Strategist, P&L Leader with 24 years of experience. His skills lie in the areas of Leadership, Niche Marketing, Product Development & business transformations.

An esteemed Thought Leader, Pankaj has profound knowledge in the areas of CROSS CULTURES & MACRO ECONOMICS with a pulse on International business and Emerging
World Order.

He is the founder and CEO of Bajaj Industries, an organization providing a range of engineering products to customers all across the Globe. He has been a serial entrepreneur driving various businesses and has held senior positions in Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC).


● CEO, Bajaj Industries (1995 – Present)

● CHAIR, The Tribe – Connecting The Dots (June, 2020 – Present)

● Member (National Working Committee), Engineering Export Promotion Council of India
(2019 – Present)

● Mentor, Freedom Employability Academy (Aug, 2020 – Present)

● Co-chairman (MSME Sub-committee), Confederation of Indian Industry (2018 – 2019)

● Director, Nepco Commercial Pvt. Ltd. (2006 – 2017)

A flag bearer in his domain of work, he has ventured where not many Indian companies can dream of. He's done business with and led the Indian Delegation to the countries of Belarus, Latin America, and Central Africa.

With his International exposure and an astute understanding of Global Macro issues, a clairvoyant of business trends, he is seen as a mentor by his peers and industry professionals alike.

For someone operating in traditional business, it was a challenge in making the company move to new paradigms that revolutionized industry segments. With his penchant for exploring the not-so-visible niches, he has been successful in taking his brand to new pinnacles benchmarked against leaders.

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